Tropical Smashed Sweet Potatoes



1 ½ lb. sweet potatoes

1 lime

Chili pepper

Fresh cilantro

Soy sauce

Olive oil

2 tbsp. Piquant Carrot Chutney


Wash sweet potatoes and cook until soft (either in the oven, microwave, or on the barbeque)

Finely chop cilantro and combine with a good glug of olive oil, a splash of soy sauce, juice & zest of 1 lime, finely chopped chili pepper (gauge the amount of pepper you used base on your own taste) & Piquant Carrot Chutney

Pop the sweet potatoes out of their skins & mash roughly with above mixture (alternately you can prepare this dish like a chopped salad using a large cutting board merely chop all ingredients into a rough mash)

Serve & enjoy


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